Women at War Season 1 Episode No 7 Recap And Review

Episode 7 Recap 

  Geneviève's final prayers are made at the beginning of Women at War, Chapter 7. Agnes kneels beside his remains and begs God to give her the peace she deserves. After Father Vautrin tried to intervene, the other three sisters were ordered to stop praying. Later, since Geneviève committed suicide, her remains are moved to a mass grave.  

Caroline prepares to leave with Madeleine the next day. Caroline is ordered to leave the house alone as Eleonore refuses to let her take Madeleine with her. Caroline chooses to temporarily stay with the other female ambulance drivers.

  News that Colin and five other men have been arrested for disobeying orders reaches Margarita after she reaches the neighborhood. Earlier, Colin attacked General Delil for helping the troops escape and killing the troops who chose not to fight. Delil then contacted General Duvernet and complained about the incident.

  As a result, the servicemen face the death penalty according to Article 238 of the law. Although visitors are not allowed in the general's office, Marguerite enters anyway and manages to contact the general. Marguerite decides to talk to the general face to face. Declaring Colin her son, Marguerite asks the general to save Colin.

  Delille makes up the entire course of events and places the sole blame on Colin. In fact, Delille shot three army men to scare them. Colin then led the rest of the crew away from the area as the gas explosion had already killed the others. Delil encounters General Duvernet in the same way after arriving in the neighborhood. General Duvernet questions him about the incident and Delille labels the three as deserters. The general asserts that Coley never moved from the position; only refrained from firing. As a result, General Duvernet blasts Delil for lying and then frees the young soldiers.

  At General Duvernet's workplace, Colin is summoned and promoted from lieutenant to private. General Duvernet responds to Joly's question about the commutation of the sentence by stating that Marguerite is responsible for stopping the execution. Colin decides to cut Marguerite out of his life, regardless of all her continued efforts, and wants to forget her.

Once inside the brothel, Marquerite accuses Marcel of messing things up. Meanwhile, Yvonne receives a phone call from the police station informing her that one of Marcel's men, Andre, has been arrested for selling illegal drugs on the front lines.

  While Yvonne instructs the officer to write down the names of Marguerite and Caroline, she suggests that Andre change his account of events. Additionally, Yvonne appears at the convent and gives Juliet some medicine. He instructs Juliet to plant the medicine in Margarita's house.

  Madeleine is sent to the Bear Cave by Charles after he decides to trick and kill her. Although the bear cave seems to be Caroline's favorite place, Madeleine previously forbade her to go there because it was a hiding place for German soldiers. Charles assures him that Caroline will be at the cave to meet him.

  Eleonore is now looking everywhere for Madeleine after sneaking out of the house. To find out where Madeleine is, Eleonore asks the factory workers to look for her. He also orders a search of Marguerite's house under the assumption that Caroline has taken the child. After learning what happened, Marguerite and Caroline set out to find Madeleine.

  Andre testifies after Juliette plants the drugs in Marguerite's house. At the same time, Eleonore presents Caroline with a sheet of paper on one of Madeleine's sketches as she enters the house. When Caroline realizes it's the Bear Cave, she runs towards it. Although Marguerite and Caroline are spotted by some German soldiers, they manage to locate Madeleine and hide in a cave.

  The soldier spots the gang inside and luckily decides not to inform them, saving their lives. Madeleine briefly admits that Charles told her that Caroline would meet him at the Bear Cave. As soon as he returns home, he quickly packs Madeleine's clothes and informs Eleanor of Charles's actions. As they prepare to leave, Marguerite and Caroline are arrested by the police for distributing drugs at army headquarters.

  Agnes is approached by another girl who tells her that Father Vautry is also mistreating the other sisters and cadets. As Agnes goes to her room, Nancy calls the diocese.  

 The focus of the story then shifts to Lucien. He locks Suzanne in his car and waits patiently there for hours. Shortly after Carl appears, Lucien releases Suzanne from her restraints and instructs her daughter to flee when she appears. In addition to lying about the French invasion, Lucien hides his new plans from his enemies.


  After Suzanne returns safely to the convent, Claudine is sent with Agnes. Agnes now tells him that Joseph was stabbed earlier and discovered in Suzanne's room. Seeing that Dr. Bruand cannot cope with such events, he rushes to the operating room and agrees to perform the operation himself.

  As she operates, Yusuf is awake and helping her. Joseph reveals that it was Lucien who attacked him. In the end, Suzan breaks down and begins to tell him the reality of the situation; reveals who he is and what he has done in the past.

  Episode Review

  The conclusion of this episode leaves the audience with many questions about the main characters and their fate. While Agnes must speak out against Father Vautry's harassment, Marguerite and Caroline must figure out how to clear their names.

  This episode is heavily melodramatic, perhaps more so than the previous one. For example, we see Suzanne operate on Joseph while fully conscious and, even more implausibly, guide him through the entire procedure.

  Considering that the show started with very real and logical problems and an interesting approach, the combination of these strange daily soap components is quite disappointing.

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