Teen Wolf Movie Honest Review

Teen Wolf Movie Review 

A mysterious man frees an evil trickster spirit, the nogistone, and seeks revenge on Scott and his friends in return. Meanwhile, 15 years have passed since the events of Teen Wolf, the show and our pack are forced to return to their old hometown of Beacon Hills when they start seeing their dead friend Allison. A message from Lydia assures them that a ritual will soothe Allison's spirit, but the opposite happens.  

 Teen Wolf: Diving into creator Jeff Davis' usual storytelling, the film begins in a familiar place as he introduces strange supernatural concepts and explains them through the twists and turns we've come to especially love in Season 3. to show

  A more epic version of Teen Wolf will encourage audiences to tune in, including an exciting soundtrack album featuring the rock and epic sounds we love from the MTV show. The entire Teen Wolf world takes on a cinematic feel (sometimes lacking, but forgivable) from the more realistic fight sequences to the CGI.

  Everyone seems to have stepped up their game, including the cast, as some of the younger members of the cast appear, including former child actor Tyler Posey. It's also refreshing to see adults look like adults, with realistic make-up on them to make them look 15 years older, unlike the adults who play high school students on the show.

  Exciting first-time appearances for all our favorites from Scott and Derek to Allison will be welcomed to fans' screens. We also get a few familiar faces back with Mason ending up as an officer and Coach being his usual loud and sarcastic self. Inside jokes that fans missed are peppered throughout the film with Scott's nickname being 'alpha' and Greenberg's mysterious student Coach always choosing.

  The movie also irons out some bugs, as we can finally hope for the Scallison endgame we forgot we wanted, with cute moments between Scott and Allison reminiscent of the adorable ship from season 1. .

  The first sign that this isn't the same teenage drama with a group of supernatural high school kids posing as detectives is the profanity and gore. Teen Wolf: The Movie sees more unwanted changes, as it abandons all the logic that the Teen Wolf universe created with wolves being put down with just one bullet and Eli learning to heal with just a grunt.  

 You'll laugh not because of the comedy, but because of how gross and unbelievable some of the moments are – Peter falling to the floor and sniffing, childish dialogue to be witty or serve as exposition, or just like big Scott. tripping and tripping on his feet while being chased by the evil alpha. While the film touches on Stile's absence and gives a plausible explanation for the ship Stydia (Stiles and Lydia), there's a void as it clearly affects the story, characters, and fans.

  Meanwhile, Kira and Isaac are never mentioned, which feels really bad. Pretending that Scott, Kira, Isaac, and Allison's relationship never happened highlights the lazy writing to easily pair Scallison. And the worst part is that the two actors still have such incredibly amazing chemistry together that their characters could have gotten back together without erasing their past, which is so important to the TV show.

Story Material 

  Additionally, the reunion story doesn't provide enough material for all the characters except for Scott and Allison, making us wonder if we're watching Scallison: The Movie. All the other actors who should be part of the main cast are wasted, why bring Derek back only to reduce his screen time and importance to the plot and give him an ending he doesn't deserve?

Then there's poor Hikari, who feels like Kira's replacement as she hasn't been given time to develop other than running around as Liam's sidekick. The film also feels too long as the pacing is too slow and doesn't resolve all the storylines smoothly. The production could have easily used the same plot to create a reunion mini-series and tell a more cohesive story.

  But as a stand-alone movie and for viewers who have never seen the show, these are the kind of supernatural teen movies that can either be skipped or watched on a slow day. doesn't really make sense.

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