Big Bet Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 8 Recap And Review

Episode Recap 

Episode 8 of Big Bet begins with Moo-sik coming to see a prostitute named Vianna. He invites her to his pillow where he goes to shower. Moo-sik takes the opportunity to pick up his phone. He searches his social media feed and finds his target - Rose Van Ginkel.  

All of this is, of course, tied to the shocking shootout that ended the proceedings in the final episode. Moo-sik and Jungpal are desperate as they piece together the pieces of what happened. The gun had a silencer and whoever the policeman was, they knew exactly what was inside their car and when to shoot.

  Sang-gu relays the exact sequence of events to Moo-sik, believing it was planned all along. Moo-sik decides to get the situation under control, telling his assistants to keep quiet and not give anyone any details.

  Who advises Seung-joon?
  Meanwhile, Seung-hoon continues to investigate Charlie's death. At Interpol in Korea, Seung-hoon gets on the phone and speeds up the process of getting the information he needs. He suspects that Moo-sik is the ringleader, but doesn't have enough evidence to put the guy behind bars.

  Seung-hoon avoids reports coming into the station that more Koreans have been shot in Manila. Especially Philip and So-jung. Seung-hoon has only met the girl once, but it was at Mu-sik's casino, another nail in Mu-sik's coffin, as Seung-hoon comes closer to putting things together.

  That night, Seung-hoon receives a letter outside his apartment. On that note, Seung-hoon gets an address for Heaven Resort in Pampanga. Seeing as Moo-sik checked Rose's social media earlier, with the same resort name on the napkin, it's clear who tipped him off.

  Seung-hoon, in turn, relays this intelligence to the CIDG, who arrives to search the location. They learn that the intelligence is good, but that their target has been screened the day before.

  Does Deokbae repay the debt?

  Moo-sik does his own investigative work, and after hearing about the operation from Deokbae, decides to kidnap him under the guise of his chauffeur to the airport. He forces Deokbae to shut up about the slush fund and everything that happened.

Of course, he also owes a lot of money, and despite his promises to pay Moo-sik back, Deokbae's pleading isn't working on Moo-sik anymore. He opens the plastic bag and his thugs deal with it. Moo-sik returns in the morning after keeping him chained up all this time.

  Deokbae promises to wire the money, but is given the choice to either wire the money to Mu-sik or take it to the authorities. It's a trap, of course, because Moo-sik is in a deal with the police, so Deokbae does the smart thing and starts calling around so he can raise enough money to pay off his debt.

  Meanwhile, Seung-hoon comes to see Sang-chul and asks him questions about Charlie again. He also questions her about Phiip and So-jung's murders. He says nothing, shrugging his shoulders and claiming that Moo-sik is just too eager. Seung-hoon is unlikely to fall for it!

  Does Tae-seok learn some manners?

  Seo Tae-seok isn't happy with Moo-sik being the head honcho, believing he'll be overshadowed for all the work he's done. Mu-sik isn't too happy about it, but Mr. Min allays his suspicions, noting that Tae-seok has the right look for the casino and keeps the "pests" away.

  Mu-sik eventually pulls Tae-seok aside and questions him about beating up Jungpal earlier in the episode. Tae-seok claims it's because his assistants have no respect, but that's not going to fly with Moo-sik. In fact, he decides to put the boy in his place.

  Mu-sik gives Tae-seok a final warning, saying that he can be replaced as easily as a light bulb, and that if he ever acts so boneheaded again, he will be banished from the country.

  Seung-hoon goes to the gun store, trying to figure out what kind of weapon was used against Philip and So-jung, while word of Deokbae's stay at the Bolton Hotel reaches the authorities. In fact, the news of the kidnapping reaches Seung-ho while having dinner with Mark, and he invites him to his place for dinner.

Has Charlie been caught?

  When Seung-hoon learns that the Bolton Casino is closed, Seung-hoon immediately contacts Mu-sik. Yoongi calls Moo-sik atfer and asks him directly about the kidnapping. He considers himself ignorant and claims that he stayed by his own will. Moo-sik kicks Yoongi and ends up calling him.

  That night, Vianna happens to pass by the bar where Mu-sik is. He knows she took his phone, but he pays her to keep quiet, admitting that he really wants to know about Rose. Now, Rose is staying at Heaven Resort, which Seung-hoon and Mark are currently raiding, where they unmask "Charlie" and chase him through the streets. Eventually, they get their men and arrest him, though it definitely takes a while.

  How does Big Bet season 1 end?
  After Charlie's coup, Yoongi gets a call from Mu-sik, who threatens his daughter after learning he has a warrant out for his arrest. Yoongi is scared and tries to get out to make sure his child isn't hurt.


  Episode Review

  Big Bet season 1 comes to a rather interesting ending as we see that Moo-sik has several enemies against him. Most obviously those inside the Embassy and the officials who are about to turn against him, especially with Charlie who is currently incarcerated. If that wasn't enough, we also have the Taeseok situation, which is about to fly off the handle.

Abyss is a bit of fodder in this regard, although there is still a lot to uncover here.

  All in all, this crime drama was a decent watch, albeit without much fanfare and little in the way of a unique hook outside of the main cast. Nevertheless, the cliffhanger should be enough to entice people to tune in for season two next month.

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