Sardar Movie Review, Karthi, Rashi Khanna, Karthi Another Blockbuster Movie

Hero Karthi's new movie under the direction of Sardar PS Mithra hit theaters today. Let's see how it goes.

  Story: The film starts with the introduction of a hunger cop named Vijay Prakash (Karthi) and his love story with lawyer Shalini (Raashi Khanna). Things get serious when Vijay embarks on a mission to locate the national spy Sardar (Karthi). Who is Sardar? What is his true identity? How is the sensitive national issue related to Sardar? To know this, you need to watch the movie in the nearest cinemas.

  Performances: Karthi has done a good job in a dual role. Her makeup for both characters is showcased beautifully. In particular, the way he watches the old man stand up brings real texture to the proceedings.

  Heroine Raashi Khanna gets a meaty role. Actress Leyla impresses with her purposeful role. Rajisha Vijayan is good as a village lady. Other padding artists have done a good job in the main roles given.

  Chunky Pandey is handsome on screen and has done a decent job as the villain.

  Technical Features: George C Williams' cinematography is impressive. He presented the entire film neatly with his lighting setup.

  Ruben's editing work is good. Despite its long running time, he made sure that the film hardly had any dull moments.

  GV Prakash Kumar music is an added plus for the film. His background score perfectly elevates the mood of the film.

  Analysis: First, director PS Mithran is to be commended for coming up with a national issue of society and including elements of espionage thriller in it. Its details and the order of the scene draw the viewer into the narrative. The director manages to present the entire film without any dull moments.

  As the director followed the script and made the film without any promotional material like songs and comedy tracks, those expecting these elements may be disappointed to some extent. To write Sardar is an effective spy thriller with a tight screenplay, injecting original action and drama into the proceedings.

  Verdict: Interesting spy thriller!

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