Rang De Movie Review, Keerthy Suresh, Nithin, New Romantic Comedy Movie

Movie Plot

Anu (Keerthy Suresh) and Arjun (Nithin) are two childhood friends who share a love-hate relationship. Anu loves Arjun but hates him. In a tragic turn of events, they get married and life changes for Arjun. Things take a turn for the worse when Anu announces that she is pregnant. What will Arjun do now? How will the couple resolve their differences? This forms the rest of the story. 

 For any movie to click, the drama has to be strong and the same is the case with Rang De. Credit must go to director Venky Atluri for writing such a strong and emotional character for Keerthy Suresh, which gives the film enough meat and scope for good drama.

  After scoring a lot of points, Keerthy Suresh gets a meaty character that gives her a lot of scope to perform. The award-winning actress is stunning as the one-sided lover and evokes strong emotions in the second half. Her chemistry with Nithin is also good.

  Somehow, Nithin does his best when it comes to romantic comedies. As Arjun, he gives a mature performance in the film. Nithin looks handsome and kills it with a solid performance in the last half hour of the film. The film has neat comedy and it doesn't just make it.

  The emotions of the family and the whole pregnancy angle are governed by maturity. As usual, Vennela Kishore is good in his comedy and evokes decent entertainment. Naresh, Vineeth, Rohini and other actors perform well in the movie. 

 The songs are quite well shot and PC Sreeram does a great job with the film's rather vibrant look. 

 Rang De Venky is Atluri's third film and if you observe closely, its entire story is quite simple and there is no novel to follow. Same is the case with this movie as the story and proceedings are simple and the scenes unfold on the expected note.

  Nithi's character graph should have been given more priority in the film. The manner in which Keerthy Suresh develops feelings for the hero is not shown properly. More scenes should have been developed to build this theme and depth of writing would have helped this rom-com more. 


 Devi's music is good and so is his BGM. Master Shakhar's choreography is excellent. Dialogues are neat and evoke pleasant emotions in the second half. The editing is crisp and so was the entire production design. The production values ​​of the film are quite good.

  As for director Venky Atluri, he has done an impressive job with the film. His last film Mr. Majnoo had problems with the emotional part but he fixed all that and wrote powerful emotions in Rang De. His maturity in writing and building a love-hate relationship between the lead pair was good. Though its story is simple, the comedy, romance and drama presented in equal doses works for this film. 

Overall Review 

 Overall, Rang De is a well-made romantic drama with its heart in the right place. Strong emotions, decent comedy and solid chemistry between the lead pair are the main assets for this film. In terms of the story, you get a sense of Deja Vu, but the handling of the narrative with the right amount of drama and mood makes this film click and ends up being a good family watch this weekend. Go for it.

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